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What is the Japanese style bathing method?

What is the Japanese style bathing method?

The main purpose of taking a bath in Japan, besides cleaning your body, is relaxation at the end of the day.

I will explain the flow of Japanese-style bathing.

First, gently douse yourself with warm water to clean your body, and to adjust your body to the elevated temperature of the bath. This is called "Kakeyu".

Then, although there are individual differences, take a bath for about 5 to 15 minutes.

After warming your body, get out of the bathtub and wash your hair and body with soap. Then take a bath again. Get out of the bath after warming your body.


For beautiful skin. Why Japanese style bathing is better than shower.

Whole body bathing can help your cold body with air conditioner warm up from inside.

This cannot be achieved by taking a shower.

The great things about warming from inside

1. It makes your metabolism speed up and waste products within the body.

2. Body temperature rising from the depth of the body. You can get a quality sleep by decreasing body temperature.

3. It promotes the circulation of blood and smooth-textured skin.

4. Steam helps the facial pores to open up and you can remove dirt easily. It is said that many Japanese people has beautiful skin because they often take a bath.


Why we recommend Epsom salt?

There are wide variety of bath salts in Japan, and Epsom salt has become popular recently.

Epsom salt

・Rich in magnesium, one of the essential minerals

According to overseas research, magnesium salt bathing causes the body absorb magnesium.

This is expected to replenish magnesium, which tends to be in the body.

・Waste products

Alkaline salt helps remove waste products.

・Silky smooth skin

Due to the magnesium salt, your skin gets brighter and moisturize well.

Also, it regulates the oil and moisture content of skin.

・Keep warm your body

Epsom salt get your body warming and decrease your pain.

Magnesium salt combines with your proteins on the surface of your skin and forms a film.

This film provides moisturizing of the body after bathing.


The good points of NEHAN TOKYO's epsalt

・Achieved 99.99% purity of Epsom salt with our unique manufacturing method

・Epsom salt manufactured in our plant

・Bath cosmetics approval in Japan


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